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Your Donation Helps Us Fight Breast Cancer Isolation and Boost Survival Rates.

We’re on a mission to provide emotional support to the 6,300+ women who get diagnosed with breast cancer every single day. You can join us. No matter how much you give, your donation will help us provide inspiration and fight isolation and loneliness of breast cancer patients and survivors.

Research Indicates 70% Increased Risk of Death from Isolation*

Isolation and loneliness not only impact emotional health but also have profound effects on physical health, particularly among breast cancer patients. Research indicates that women with breast cancer who lack strong social connections face significantly higher risks of cancer recurrence and mortality. Specifically, isolation is linked to a 40% increased risk of cancer recurrence, a 60% increased risk of breast cancer mortality, and a 70% increased risk of death from any cause compared to their socially connected counterparts.


The Blossoming Beyond Foundation addresses this critical issue by offering support services aimed at reducing feelings of isolation among breast cancer patients. Our services include (1) connecting patients with survivor stories for inspiration, (2) providing access to free one-on-one online therapy, (3) creating a peer-to-peer network for direct support, and (4) offering a directory of providers for ongoing cancer care needs. These efforts are vital as they tackle both the emotional and physical challenges faced by patients, enhancing their overall survival and quality of life.


Strong social ties provide emotional support which is crucial for mental health. This emotional and social support can lead to reduced stress and depression, which are linked to better physical health outcomes. Therefore, fostering strong social networks is as critical as addressing traditional health risk factors, especially for those undergoing significant health challenges like breast cancer.


Together, we can transform the journey of breast cancer survivors from scars to shining success. Join us in supporting this noble cause and help us spread the word about the Blossoming Beyond Foundation and its groundbreaking initiatives.


Meet Our Founder: Galina Slavova — Athlete, Model, Actress, and Champion of Resilience

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Galina Slavova’s transition from a world-class athlete to a beacon of hope for breast cancer patients and survivors is both inspiring and transformative. Her athletic career began at just 13, when she made history in the Former Soviet Union as the youngest person to earn a black belt in Judo. Between 1987 and 1997, she won four Bulgarian National Championships and earned four silver medals in international competitions. Beyond Judo, she was a National Bronze Medalist in Karate, a city champion in the 400-meter dash in Sofia, and a skilled competitive team handball player.

In 2004, Galina transitioned to modeling, a move that took her to Puerto Rico and later to Miami in 2007. Her fluency in Spanish, coupled with her exotic looks, made her a natural fit for the vibrant world of Latin American television, appearing in telenovelas, other TV programs, and advertising campaigns. Her acting journey led her to Los Angeles in 2013, where she took on roles on stage and screen, excelled in voiceover work, and continued to succeed as an actress, print and fitness model.


Despite her successes, Galina faced a daunting personal challenge: breast cancer. Initially misdiagnosed, it took a year to receive the correct diagnosis. Living alone in Los Angeles, far from her sister in Bulgaria, Galina managed her treatment with minimal support, often driving herself to numerous medical appointments. The profound loneliness and isolation she experienced during her treatment persisted until a social worker provided the support she desperately needed. This interaction highlighted a critical gap in accessible emotional support within the healthcare system, where a single social worker often cares for over 300 patients.


On January 5, 2024, Galina received a cancer-free diagnosis but must continue her treatment for years to come. She has transformed her personal struggle into the mission of Blossoming Beyond: to encourage individuals to listen to their bodies, seek accurate diagnoses promptly, and reduce the isolation felt during the breast cancer journey. Galina's firsthand experience underscores the critical impact of having a supportive network, which can significantly enhance survival rates and overall well-being.


Galina is now competing in the Ms. Health & Fitness Competition, starting May 6, 2024. She was training for this same competition when she was diagnosed with breast cancer a year earlier. Her return to the competition is a testament to her determination and symbolizes her philosophy of "blossoming beyond" cancer.


Additionally, she is creating a documentary feature film titled "Blossoming Beyond," which she is shooting on her iPhone. Premiering on October 13, 2024, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the documentary will showcase Galina’s struggle and triumph over breast cancer, alongside other inspiring survivor stories, complemented by perspectives from their families, therapists, and renowned physicians like Dr. Arash Asher from Cedars-Sinai.


Simultaneously, she has launched The Blossoming Beyond Foundation through this newly established website. This website serves as a hub for connecting patients with survivor stories for inspiration, providing access to free one-on-one online therapy, creating a peer-to-peer support network, and offering a directory of providers for ongoing cancer care needs. The foundation's goal for its inaugural year is to sponsor at least 1,000 free one-on-one therapy sessions for breast cancer patients, complete and distribute the Blossoming Beyond documentary, build out all of the initial website features, and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, supported by a fundraising target of $1,000,000.


"This entire journey has been transformative," says Galina Slavova. "By sharing my story through the film, building our online hub, launching the foundation, and stepping back into the fitness, acting, and modeling arenas, I hope to light a path of hope and resilience for others. I’m not just surviving; I’m thriving and blossoming beyond cancer, and I want to inspire others to do the same."


Galina believes that together, we can transform the journey of breast cancer survivors from scars to shining success. Join her in supporting this noble cause and help her spread the word about the Blossoming Beyond Foundation and its initiatives.

The Film

Blossoming Beyond" is a feature film documentary currently in production with scheduled release for October 2024 that delves into the profound impact of breast cancer on women worldwide, illuminating their journey from diagnosis through the challenges to triumph and healing. The film delves into the terrifying reality that every 14 seconds, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, aiming to shed light on the journey from diagnosis through the challenges to the formation of a resilient sisterhood and the celebration of survival. Created by Galina Slavova, a breast cancer survivor, world-class athlete, and actress, the film underscores the importance of self-advocacy, community support, and the power of resilience. Through personal stories, expert insights, and a focus on innovative treatments, it fosters a sisterhood of survivors, celebrating their victories and the indomitable spirit of those affected. More than a film, "Blossoming Beyond" serves as a movement and a platform for sharing stories, offering hope, and advocating for awareness and support, inspiring and uniting women, their families, and healthcare professionals, creating a community of hope, strength, and renewal beyond the shadow of breast cancer.


Galina Slavova - Writer & Director & Executive Producer 

Jeff Symon - Co-Executive Producer

Dr. Inger Stratton Jensen - Co-Executive Producer

Malibu Dana - Co-Producer

Rhayne Thomas - Co-Producer

A Gitana Dreams Production

Watch Our 3 Minute Film Trailer

Survivor Stories

Sharing the stories of breast cancer survivors is not only therapeutic for the survivors themselves but also provides inspiration to those currently battling the disease. We invite you to watch and share these powerful narratives to spread hope and awareness about overcoming cancer. If you or someone you know has a story to tell, please reach out to us directly at Your experiences can make a significant difference in the lives of others as we all strive to blossom beyond cancer.

Malibu Dana


Whether you are currently facing breast cancer or have triumphed over it, join our growing peer-to-peer network. Connect and interact directly with others who truly understand your journey, sharing support and strength every step of the way.


We are compiling a list of resources for cancer patients and survivors to enhance awareness of the many free and paid services available. We invite you to explore these resources and see how they might benefit you or your loved ones. If you have recommendations for additional resources or provide a service that could help our community, please reach out to us at

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